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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Our client wanted to enhance her kitchen cabinets with a two-tone paint job.
Before we could apply the paint we had to prepare the cabinets. First, we removed them all, including detaching the hinges and door handles. Our team degreased and cleaned the cabinets to ensure a smooth surface.
We chose an airless spray machine to paint the cabinets as it allowed for precision application. We applied oil-based primer to the exterior before applying ADVANCE paint—a brand we love that was made specifically for cabinets—in the two-tone color scheme.
Our valued client, Arpitha K., was super happy with the result!


The cabinets were in poor shape when we began. Their condition meant we had to repair them inside and out, as well as adjusting the cabinet doors so they opened properly. We installed new hinges and door handles carefully after the paint was applied.
Our thorough process helped us complete the project on time with the desired result.
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