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Transforming Belleville Rentals: Aluminum Siding Repainting

A Belleville, NJ landlord approached us with a pressing need to refresh two of their rental properties. The houses were worn out and damaged, and with only one week to complete the project before the properties needed to be rented out, time was of the essence.

The Challenge

The exterior aluminum siding of both houses had seen better days, with visible signs of wear and tear that needed to be addressed promptly. Our team had to work efficiently to restore the properties and ensure they were ready for new tenants in just seven days.

Our Solution

To tackle this challenge head-on, we implemented two crews to work on both properties simultaneously. Our team began by thoroughly power washing the exterior of each house to remove any dirt, grime, and loose paint. This crucial step allowed us to assess the extent of the damage and prepare the surface for the necessary repairs and refinishing.
Next, our skilled technicians meticulously repaired any damaged areas of the aluminum siding, ensuring a smooth and even surface for painting. Using high-quality, durable paints, we applied a fresh coat to each house, completely transforming their appearance and protecting the siding from future wear and tear.

The Result

Through our team’s dedication, expertise, and efficient workflow, we successfully completed the exterior aluminum siding refinishing and painting of both rental properties within the one-week deadline. The landlord was thrilled with the results, as the houses looked as good as new and were ready to welcome their new tenants.
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